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Pledging a commitment to action to support women economic empowerment.

The Women Economic Empowerment Global Summit (WEEGS) is providing a platform for entities, organisations, individuals and governments to pledge commitments to action to promote a women inclusive economy through programmes, actions, research, policies and regulations or activities that will aim to increase women participation and integration in the economy, eliminating inequality in the workplace, and encouraging entrepreneurship. The pledged actions should be implemented before the end of 2019.

We would like to invite you to pledge your support during the summit, and present the achieved outcomes of the commitment on the WEEGS platform in 2019. NAMA Women Advancement Establishment and UN Women will follow-up on the progress of the pledged actions over the implementation period and until the WEEGS 2019.

All organisations that make a pledge will be invited to a special event during the WEE Global Summit to announce their actions and pledge their commitments.

With every WEEGS pledge three conditions must be met



A WEEGS Pledge to Action must directly support women’s full and equal participation in and benefit from the economy. Commitments should be a new idea or approach to creating new opportunities for women or tackle a major challenge preventing women from reaching their full-potential. Actions can include partnerships, or involve in-kind support or technical expertise to existing programmes or initiatives.


The pledge must outline a specific action, have clear and feasible objectives, and be able to show clear impact and results within a timeline of 24 months. The commitment could exceed 24 months; however, some intermediate milestones and outcomes should be reported within 24 months. The pledge should also include an articulation of the desired outcome of the effort.


The action must have specific quantitative or qualitative goals that can be monitored by the pledge-maker to evaluate progress over time. As each commitment is implemented, periodic meetings and progress reports should be presented to NAMA and UN Women to show the extent of its impact. The impact and results will be presented during the WEEGS 2019 edition.

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