Take a Pledge Investment Pitch

Partnership Benefits

AED 750,000
AED 500,000
AED 250,000
AED 100,000
Exclusive opportunity to co-host an industry-specific session
Opportunity for the CEO/President to participate in an industry-specific panel discussion
Recognition as a partner on printed and digital marketing materials



Mention as a Partner in press releases issued by NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA) and UN Women relating to the summit
(All PRLs)

(All PRLs)

(Partners PRL only)
Partner will be honoured by event patron
CEO interviews during the event on traditional media1
Meeting with prominent event attendees of the partner’s choosing2-31
Passes to the Gala Dinner3211
Partner logo and brief description (hyperlinked to organisation’s official website) on WEEGS website
Partner logo will be displayed on main WEEGS screen during the summit
Partner logo printed on delegates’ name badges
Co-branding on indoor and outdoor mediaPrime
Complimentary exhibition space
Delegate bag insert
VIP passes321
Delegate passes10754

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Media Partnerships

We would like to invite media outlets to partner with us during the summit to promote women’s integration in the economy, and provide exposure for the summit and the people involved, in return for customised packages that include visual and print benefits under two categories: Media Partner and Media Supporter.

Contact us on [email protected] if interested

2017 Partners

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Supporting Partners:

Media Partners: